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Composing New Material for 2017

Los Angeles, CA – Coming off a successful show at the Roxy last month, VIZA is back in the studio channeling their artistic energy in writing sessions. After a hiatus taken in 2015 to allow members to work on individual projects, the band is active again, currently composing new material for 2017.


“As an artist, you are eager to create and explore, and getting back in the swing of things feels great,” said K’noup.


With vocals and a diverse array of instruments like the oud and duduk to combine with guitar, bass and drums, there are some exciting possibilities when it comes to both the core and potential artistic horizon of the band’s sound. Whether it’s VIZA’s bread and butter energetic style of pulsing percussion with exotic melodies or experimental ideas exploring the softer side of their art, the guys promise to keep things interesting with fans coming back for more.


VIZA 2017 – Artwork by Denise T.


“We tried out one of our new songs at the last show called Cash Karma, and it felt great to play that live – that’s something we want to try more in the future,” Andrew added. “We are excited to work on a good amount of new material, with songs such as ‘A World of Broken Mirrors’ and ‘Velvet Shade’ on deck.”


After releasing several albums, performing at major festivals worldwide, joining System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian for two worldwide tours and supporting Gogol Bordello and Skindred, VIZA is looking to explore a new dimension in the new year. As a fixture of the Sunset club scene known for energetic and captivating live performances, VIZA is sure to deliver excitement in the form of shows and new songs in 2017.

VIZA rehearsal

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