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VIZA is back at it again, teeing up new material for imminent release before the end of 2022. The first track from this new effort which will see daylight soon is titled “Yesterday”, with many more compositions slated for a continuous stream of releases over the coming months into 2023.

“The ideas just kept pouring out – sometimes on the oud and sometimes on the guitar – and in bringing this out to the universe it became clear that this kind of special feeling was back to create and record again,” said oud player Andrew Kzirian. “Emerging from the pandemic and what we all dealt with the past couple of years, in an odd twist, I basically wrote a substantial collection of material in the evenings and on weekends when the environment was a bit more subdued and quieter, and organized it all together along with scores of ideas from over the years that have been sitting dormant in laptop spreadsheets, mobile to-do lists and voice memos.”

“And most importantly – it’s exciting to start sharing them with the world,” he added.


When it comes to symbolic storytelling and compelling soundscapes, VIZA is no stranger to adventure and Yesterday is no exception. As a story of inseparable memory and deep, personalized emotion, revealing a weaving tale of two siblings and their experiences together over several years and stages of their lives, Yesterday incorporates classic VIZA elements such as soft, sweet sections of spiritual singing set against folky, dancey grooves, juxtaposed with intensely passionate choruses where the music intensely transforms into a life of its own.

“Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away…wait wrong song.  Aside from the Beatles similarity within the title, Yesterday is classic VIZA built on a solid rhythm, honest lyrics and a catchy ear worm chorus,” said frontman Knoup.


The team has been hard at work and is excited for the coming months where a substantial amount of new material will be shared with fans. Yesterday, quite fittingly, is just the beginning of this new effort.

“I’m really looking forward to the release of this new song,” said guitarist Shant Bismejian. “And this is just the beginning, as we have several other new tracks we are recording right now,” he added.

Yesterday and all following releases will be available on all major streaming platforms for your listening pleasure and/or purchase.

Make sure to stay tuned for more information and updates as we continue our work!

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Composing New Material for 2017

Los Angeles, CA – Coming off a successful show at the Roxy last month, VIZA is back in the studio channeling their artistic energy in writing sessions. After a hiatus taken in 2015 to allow members to work on individual projects, the band is active again, currently composing new material for 2017.


“As an artist, you are eager to create and explore, and getting back in the swing of things feels great,” said K’noup.


With vocals and a diverse array of instruments like the oud and duduk to combine with guitar, bass and drums, there are some exciting possibilities when it comes to both the core and potential artistic horizon of the band’s sound. Whether it’s VIZA’s bread and butter energetic style of pulsing percussion with exotic melodies or experimental ideas exploring the softer side of their art, the guys promise to keep things interesting with fans coming back for more.


VIZA 2017 – Artwork by Denise T.


“We tried out one of our new songs at the last show called Cash Karma, and it felt great to play that live – that’s something we want to try more in the future,” Andrew added. “We are excited to work on a good amount of new material, with songs such as ‘A World of Broken Mirrors’ and ‘Velvet Shade’ on deck.”


After releasing several albums, performing at major festivals worldwide, joining System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian for two worldwide tours and supporting Gogol Bordello and Skindred, VIZA is looking to explore a new dimension in the new year. As a fixture of the Sunset club scene known for energetic and captivating live performances, VIZA is sure to deliver excitement in the form of shows and new songs in 2017.

VIZA rehearsal

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