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Duduk sings

Los Angeles, CA – VIZA is happy to announce that longtime member, duduk player Jivan Gasparyan, Jr. has rejoined the group and will be performing with the band at the acclaimed Roxy Theater on February 16, 2017. The duduk is a double reed instrument known as the signature wind sound of eastern Armenian culture, and played a role in adding a unique flavor to VIZA’s performances and recordings.
“I’m happy to be back performing with my brothers,” said Gasparyan. “We have many fond memories and built something special with the group, and I am excited to take the stage with them again here in LA,” he added.
Consisting of the fretless 11 string oud and double reed wind duduk, VIZA presents a unique blend of rock elements fused with middle eastern rhythms. As a key cog in the Sunset club scene known for energetic and captivating live performances, VIZA promises to deliver a highly anticipated performance. 
After releasing several albums, performing at major festivals worldwide, joining System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian for two worldwide tours and supporting Gogol Bordello and Skindred, VIZA is looking to explore a new dimension in the new year. 
The band is excited for Gasparyan’s return. “We are happy that Jivan is back performing here, and can’t wait for the show. The different instruments of the group really make for a unique sound,” they said.

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