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VIZA’s 100 project continues to unfold, with the band’s next track ready for an upcoming release throughout all streaming services on October 13th, 2023. The seventh track from this new effort is titled “Dingle”, a new composition venturing into the rock and heavier side of the band, built around the theme of the “dingle”. “Dingle” is a follow up to last month’s release “Llama”, with many more compositions slated for a continuous stream of releases over the coming months into 2023 and beyond. Most importantly, “Dingle” will headline an upcoming CD release featuring all of the band’s singles over the years, including “Midnight Hour”, “Loyal Tea”, “Eros”, “Fuego”, “In Coins” and “Bake Me In Clouds”.

VIZA re-visited working with producer/engineer Yury Anisonyan (The Unorthodox Revival) to bring “Dingle” to the catalog. “I wrote this song as a sequel to our single ‘Midnight Hour’ as well as an ode to Andrew’s instrument, the oud.  It’s influence in our sound has obviously made an impact and I felt it would be cool to write about it,” said frontman K’noup. “Working with Yury has always historically been a joy.  He recently opened up a larger and newer recording studio – The Box Studios – so naturally we chomped at the bit when he asked us to be his first band he wished to record,” he added.

“I remember going in after listening to the raw tracking of Dingle, and all the oud parts came out naturally, thanks to Shant making it easy with this electric guitar tracking and K’noup’s great melody,” said Andrew Kzirian.

The team continues to work and is excited for the coming months where a substantial amount of new material will be shared with fans. Yesterday, Ms. Information, Thunderbolt, Maggie Mae’s Tavern, Avec Toi (From Paris with Love), Llama and Dingle are just the beginning of this new and exciting effort as VIZA marches onward to the culmination of the 100 Project.

All new releases will be available on all major streaming platforms for your listening pleasure and/or purchase.

Make sure to stay tuned for more information and updates as we continue our work!

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