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Los Angeles, CA – VI·ZA is excited to announce the release of the group’s tenth new digital song release for 2017-2018. Following the online releases of “Viktorious”, “Cash Karma”, “Velvet Shade”, “A World of Broken Mirrors”,  “Aphrodite”,  “Vicious Game”,  “Pinches”, “Sheep” and “Diabolic Angel” amidst acclaim and the anticipation of a loyal fan base, “Dancing Twig” has now arrived for listeners to enjoy a melodic adventure of music and art.


“This song came to me as I wondered about what it would be like to play a melody on my oud with a cartoon of a small dancing twig moving to the music,” said theoudplayer Andrew Kzirian. “The song has an interesting vibe and touches on some of our group’s folky and harmonious sensibilities. It was an exciting journey to put this song together with all the guys – and kudos to K’noup for his excellent as always vocal work collaboration with me,” he added.