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Ms. Information

VIZA continues its musical journey, with the band’s next track ready for imminent release on January 14th, 2023 on Youtube as a lyric video premiere and everywhere else on January 15th. The second track from this new effort is titled “Ms. Information”, a punerrific commentary as a follow up to last month’s initial release “Yesterday”, with many more compositions slated for a continuous stream of releases over the coming months into 2023.

“Society has become an echo chamber of distorted truths and authentic deception.  Not that it was never like this, but with social media and the birth of AI it’s even more prevalent now.  Ms. Information was written as an anthem for those seeking clarity to an unjust system that has mankind on the ropes,” said frontman K’noup.

Listeners will love Ms. Information’s heavy guitars and rocking drums, accompanying the lyrical detailing of humanity’s wild and wacky current social environment. “When I wrote the lyrics to Ms. Information I wanted to give this very problematic issue an identity.  The play on words made it easy for this to happen.  Misinformation in itself is nothing more than the gossip previous generations dealt with but scaled to a much larger and more sinister degree,” added K’noup.

“Writing this song with Vaz as producer was refreshing. The ideas flowed out so naturally and we are thrilled to share it with VIZA nation,” said guitarist and songwriter Shant Bismejian.

“The moment I heard Shant’s demo I knew this song could be huge. Everyone’s contribution elevated the track more and more. I’m thrilled to be a part of it,” said co-producer Vazgen Norashkharyan.

“Ms. Information explores ideas that we all think about in the modern world – messaging and what is pumped out into society and how this can play a significant role in driving narratives in the world around us,” said oud player Andrew Kzirian. “And on a less serious note, I really love the experimental opportunity of soloing on the oud in a hard rock setting,” he added.

Designed by Simon Majarian

The team continues to work and is excited for the coming months where a substantial amount of new material will be shared with fans. Yesterday and Ms. Information are just the beginning of this new effort.

All new releases will be available on all major streaming platforms for your listening pleasure and/or purchase.

Make sure to stay tuned for more information and updates as we continue our work!

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