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Los Angeles, CA – VI·ZA is excited to announce the release of the group’s fourth new song for 2017. Following the release of “Viktorious”, “Cash Karma” and “Velvet Shade” amidst acclaim and the anticipation of a loyal fan base, “A World of Broken Mirrors” has now arrived for listeners to soak in and enjoy, telling a story of self pity and fear that burdens our now more demanding societies.

Artwork by Alex Zablotsky

“I wrote this song during a state of melancholy/anxiety one early morning, the sad lead melody was dragging me throughout a restless night, haunting me in my inner sleep as if I was ‘falling from the clouds clinging upside down’ and the combination of the Duduk and Oud lead melody was the perfect emotional expression to it,” said K’noup.


“The fan response to all of our songs has been super inspiring,” said Andrew. “I enjoy the combination of oud and duduk together as these instruments represent two sides of our cultural coin and are part of what makes our project special,” he added.


“A World of Broken Mirrors” features plenty of signature VI·ZA moments and orchestrations, melding oud, duduk and the band’s rock influences together for a rich and textured sound.


After returning to the stage in early 2017 the band has been writing and recording actively the past several months, concentrating on composing new material as the band enters a new chapter of its growth. The songwriting effort of the group has already resulted in a near complete process of recording and mixing 6 exciting and groundbreaking tracks, with plans underway for even more new material to continue moving forward in 2018. The band has been recording with talented recording engineer Yury Anisonyan out of Live Wire Studios in Los Angeles. Anisonyan brings his expertise and unique mixing philosophy to VI·ZA’s sound, creating a unique tapestry of soundscapes.


Each new song will be released on VI·ZA’s dedicated YouTube channel at


VI·ZA’s new material is an exploration of sounds both old and new, and is sure to pique the interest of both diehard fans and new listeners. With vocals and a diverse array of instruments like the oud and duduk to combine with guitar, bass and drums, there are some exciting possibilities when it comes to both the core and potential artistic horizon of the band’s sound. Song titles include “Cash Karma”, “Viktorious”, “A World of Broken Mirrors”, “Aphrodite”, “Velvet Shade” and “Vicious Game”, representing diverse but resonant themes ranging from satire, continuity and social commentary to raw human emotions like love, loss and passion. Whether it’s VI·ZA’s bread and butter energetic style of pulsing percussion with exotic melodies or experimental ideas exploring the spiritual side of their art, the guys promise to keep things interesting with fans coming back for more, especially when it comes to documenting their work in the studio.


Keep an eye out for the band on Facebook ( and Instagram (@vizamusic).


After releasing several albums, performing at major festivals worldwide, joining System of a Down frontman SerjTankian for two worldwide tours and supporting Gogol Bordello and Skindred, VIZA is looking to explore a new dimension of sound. As a fixture of the Sunset club scene known for energetic and captivating


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Scheduled Releases:

August 1st – VIKTORIOUS
September 1st – CASH KARMA
October 1st – VELVET SHADE
December 1st – APHRODITE
January 1st 2018 – VICIOUS GAME
February 1st 2018 – PINCHES
March 1st 2018 – SHEEP
April 1st – 2018 – DIABOLIC ANGEL
May 1st 2018 – TBA
June 1st 2018 – TBA
July 1st 2018 – TBA


Music by VI*ZA
Lyrics by K’noup

Produced by VI*ZA

Recorded & Mixed by Yury Anisonyan at Live Wire Studios

Mastered by Maor Appelbaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering

Artwork by Alex Zablotsky



I fell right through the clouds,

clinging upside down I thought of you.

You, six feet underground nor making a sound, my god it’s true.


I ask myself if you were here would I burst into tears.

I tell myself there’s only you in a world of broken mirrors. 


Why are you so proud?  Why are you so loud?  Why are you so shrewd?

You, you’re making matters worse, you continuously curse our love in two.


I ask myself if you were here would I burst into tears.

I tell myself there’s only you in a world of broken mirrors. 

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