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Viza — Eros
Release date : Jan. 01, 2008
Label : Architects of Melody
  1. Janna
  2. Fit For A King
  3. Off & Running
  4. Cats Eye
  5. Persian Mistress
  6. Oud Opus
  7. Siktir
  8. Keyhole
  9. The Day I Leave Her
  10. Tequila Overture
  11. Tequila Sunrise
  12. The Early Hours
  13. Luchador
  14. How Can I?
  15. Further

Recorded and Mixed at Stereotrain Studios – Burbank, CA
Produced by K’noup
co-produced by Sebu Simonian
co-produced by Orbel Babayan
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Sebu Simonian