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Viza — Aria
Release date : Jan. 17, 2014
Label : Architects of Melody
  1. Never Feel
  2. Quicksand
  3. Midnight Hour (Dingle Rock)
  4. Vanished
  5. Viktor’s Vanguard
  6. The Girl That Doesn’t Exist
  7. Forward March
  8. Beneath the Waves
  9. C’est La Vie
  10. Alley in Tijuana
  11. Take Over the World
  12. Brunette

Produced by Viza
Recording Engineer: Sam Martin
Assistant Engineer: Nico Grossfeld
Recorded at Swing House Studios, West Hollywood, CA
Mixed by Warren Huart
Additional Mixing by Phil Allen
Assisted by Justine Norman, Nico Grossfeld & Sam Martin
Mixed at Spitfire Studio, Laurel Canyon, CA
Mastered by Adam Ayan
Mastered at Gateway Mastering Studios, Portland, ME

Executive produced by Danny Rezaieh, Andrew Kzirian & K’noup
String arrangements by Orbel Babayan
All lyrics by K’noup except [ The Girl That Doesn’t Exist & Alley in Tijuana by Orbel Babayan ] [ Quicksand by K’noup & Chris Daniel ]
Cover photo by Andrew Hall (
Band photo by Eddie Kasparian
Graphic design by Mher Vahakn